Not buying clothes, until I lose more weight...

Not buying clothes, until I lose more weight...

We hear you loud and clear. It makes sense. Why should we buy new clothes if we are on a journey… The journey of being our perfect size. After which, when we do buy new clothes we will feel great & look great, right ? 

Yes. But what about in the mean time…How long will this journey be, can we really put a time limit on it? For some of us it could be a few months, in reality for most of us this journey is on going. The constant battle of staying in shape whilst juggling life & living. 

So again, we ask what happens in the meantime? Do we resolve to not feeling & looking great?… NO! 

Whilst buying new clothes when we are consciously aware of our bodies & shapes changing may seem like a bad idea , subconsciously we are telling ourselves we cannot feel good in clothes until we achieve our goals. 

Likewise, we also have clients who for reasons out of their control are forever juggling their weight and find buying the right clothes a chore and of course how do they explain that whist one day they are a size 12, the next week they can be a size 16. 

This struggle is real, we understand. There are SOLUTIONS!

So, what’s the solution? Most of us will agree there should be no time limit on when we should feel or look great in our clothes. We are allowed to buy clothes at any point during this journey and said clothes have to be right for our shapes as they are now, in this present moment. Let’s choose to be happy in our skin now, and pledge to feel good now. Ok, we may not be at what we consider our perfect/ideal weight, but we don’t have to punish ourselves. We can still choose to look and feel good - as long as we recycle & have regular clear outs, we can keep making space for new key items which we can add into our wardrobes. 

A great tip for women on this journey may be to look at clothing that is one size. Now more than ever the one size range is extremely popular, and easily available. The Myth is that all one size clothing will suit everyone –however it will not. A good stylist will always direct clients to clothes that will suit their shape and flatter their bodies now, in this moment. More importantly good quality & cut one sized shapes, can be flattering & stylish throughout that journey and may turn out to be a great investment. What is there to lose? 

Let us help you find the perfect clothes that make you feel good NOW! We’re here for YOU!