What is in my wardrobe?

Good Question…. What is in our wardrobes. Ok don’t be smart, I know you’re
thinking clothes of course. I’m glad we got that clear. So next question what are
they doing there?
Ah come on we know we only wear 10% of everything in our wardrobes, it’s true.
Sadly we know we love to repeat our fav pieces (see recycle or repeat blog!) what
about the rest of the stuff? That’s all it is right stuff. I mean I know they’re
clothes, but we don’t actually wear them……hmmm why don’t we wear them?
More importantly why did I buy them?
The latter is no mystery really, of the many scenarios generally explained by the
many clients of the years the most popular are:
1) “I brought that item thinking I’d have something in the wardrobe to go with it”–
ah that old chestnut. Question is how would you know , let’s face it who knows
what’s in there !
2) “It was reduced / a bargain/ half price !” Great… but you’ve never worn it, and
oh it doesn’t fit… yet it’s still there.
3) On that note … “IT DOESN’T FIT “… YET IT’S STILL THERE!!
4) “I’m waiting to lose a few pound & then It will be perfect “ Motivational I get it,
but how many years ago did you make that pledge
5) “It was so expensive” yes huni I get that. My motto, you should be able to wear
your money not stare at it!
6) “I’ve changed my lifestyle, and most of clothes don’t suit my lifestyle RIGHT

I could go on but you get the jist and most of you can relate? I sure hope so, and
this is probably 99% of my clientele over the years. So what’s the solution…. ?
We must try where possible to buy items that create outfits so we know how
they will be used and in what capacity will they be used. To truly know if it’s
worth parting with our hard earned cash, ask yourself “Do I really have the
items to create the outfit or should I purchase them too so I can, sorry for
repeating, WEAR THE OUTFIT !!”
Another solution…. A good old fashioned clear out!! (Blog to follow)

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